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Film (Documentary, Music, Culture, Storytelling)

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Recommended for ages 8+

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‘Baai’ is a filmed celebration of identity, joyfully encapsulating the vibrant and colourful world of South Sudanese culture.


Baai (meaning 'Home' in Dinka) celebrates the rich but underrepresented South Sudanese culture and aims to reduce misconceptions of what it means to be a newly arrived Australian.


Developed and premiered as a hybrid of live song, dance and storytelling, along with with the 50 minute film, Baai was born out of a unique collaboration between artists Eliza Hull, Ajak Kwai, Awak Kongor and young members of the Bendigo South Sudanese community. Baai intertwines stories and original songs of life in South Sudan with personal accounts of each performers’ unique journey in now calling Australia home. 

Baai (Home) is the main theme that threads the work. It includes the exploration of fleeing South Sudan to the Kenyan refugee camps, the longing for home, and the journey in creating a new home, in a country far away from your own. With this comes feelings of alienation, isolation, cultural pride, strength, and hope.

The film is designed for families to share. Ages 8+

Created, Written & Performed by Atil Angeth, Kotnyin Thon, Martha Kudum and Nyang Mayen.

Performed with Uncle Rick Nelson

Story Support and Consultation by Awak Kongor and Ajak Kwai

Creative Facilitator: Eliza Hull

Dramaturgical Support: Christian Leavesley

Cinematographer: Keiran Watson-Bannice

Production Manager: Miles Bennett

Additional Camera: Willy Pleasance and Miles Bennett

Sound: Bruce Armstrong

Music by Ajak Kwai

Post Production: Keiran Watson-Bonnice

Additional Sound: Kangaroo Vindaloo

Translations by Geu Apech

Thank you

Atong Atem, Bendigo Art Gallery, Dja Dja Wurrung Corporation, Emporium, Bendigo Community Health.


Baai is funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the City of Greater Bendigo, the Australia Council for the Arts, and the Federal Government’s Regional Arts Fund, through Regional Arts Australia.

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