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Local participation, short courses


Recommended for ages 12+

Makers is a program of short courses based at Arena HQ


Each short course focuses on developing participants’ skills in different creative areas. For example, in costume design and creation, spatial design, story creation for stage and film, digital interactive experience design, object theatre and puppetry, immersive experience design and so on.


The projects take the form of live experiences that we know young people are attracted to such as interactive and immersive games, narrative-based escape rooms, costume and cosplay from recycled clothing and materials, as well as theatre and film making. The prescribed audience for the projects will be children and young people.

Each project concludes with a public outcome/performance. It might be a group immersive adventure, a fashion parade, or other showing of creative work.

PROJECT 1 - October 2023

Site specific theatre inside the Bendigo TAFE School of Mines Building.  It is an adventure for children that tells a story they want to tell.  

Artists: Sylvie Meltzer and Sarah Lockwood


Makers is funded by the Betty Amsden Foundation

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