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An Exciting New Adventure Begins...

Journey is a brand new Augmented Reality adventure that we are having our first demonstration showings of.  Ever since we first started working with AR many years ago, we have dreamed about using the technology to create a large scale narrative work.


We are setting this adventure far beneath the surface of Bendigo, in a series of surprising fantastical lands.  For our demo we have built a couple of the proposed spaces, and are showing them to people to test whether the storylines and interactive creativity is working in the way we designed.

The first demo space is the Lift Library. The Lift Library is a fantasy form of transport that “the Professor” uses to travel to and from the worlds of Journey. It is a Lift that the Professor began to convert into a study, and then a library, and sometimes use as a bedroom. We use Augmented Reality to simulate a window in the lift wall that allows people to see fantasy 3D animated worlds that the Lift passes as it travels deeper beneath the surface.


The second demo space is called The Rocks and the Moss. In this space, participants must work with resident Rock Sprites to build stone cities that grow over with plants and foliage. Think an augmented reality version of the famous Cambodian temple Angkor Watt, but it takes seconds for the plants to grow – not hundreds of years.

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