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Hidden Creature Gallery X Starlight Foundation

The story of the creative evolution of Hidden Creature Gallery is pretty wonderful. We talked about it on our 'Three Things' podcast that we recorded during the pandemic. It is a project that continually transforms and responds to different contexts.

The latest evolution is a project we are doing with The Starlight Foundation. The Starlight Foundation first got in touch with us about working together in 2019, right before the world went crazy. After years of delays and hoping, we did our first day in the Starlight Express Room at Monash Children’s Hospital.

What I want to say from the outset is how incredible The Starlight Express Room is, how wonderful the Captains are, and what an impressive and wonderful organisation The Starlight Foundation is.

I knew this to be the case when I spent some time in hospitals when my daughter was seriously ill when she was very young. Former Arena Associate Artist, and constant collaborator Jolyon James, has also experienced Starlight’s great work first hand in recent times too.

So, Jolyon James, new Arena Executive Director Debra Allanson and myself spent the day at Monash Hospital and the Starlight Express Room meeting the people of Starlight, and dreaming into an exciting new iteration of Hidden Creature Gallery.

We spoke with Captain Ridiculous, Captain Eyebrows, the former Captain Princess, as well as the Manager of the Starlight Express Room, other hospital staff, and of course the children, to see how we could design an experience that would work best inside the amazing things that are already established.

We came away with some really clear ideas on how we could create something really terrific. I look forward to sharing that progress with you.

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