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War of the Worlds


Arena is seeking a small ensemble of actors aged 12 to 22 years who identify as LGBTQIA+ and/or neurodivergent to work on War of the Worlds over 6 weeks in 2024.

On a date and time to be determined we will hold a free, group audition for people who are interested in being part of this project. This will be held at Arena Theatre Company, MacGillivray Hall, 132 McCrae Street, Bendigo.

At this session, you will hear about the script and the story, and how the production will interlink with ensembles in two other locations, streaming scenes into each others' feed.

Following this, we will hold a series of six workshops where we will delve into the script in detail.  These will be held on Thursdays, and will be facilitated by Arena's Artistic Director, Christian Leavesley.

DATES:         to be rescheduled

TIME:            4:00pm - 6:00pm


This collection of images was taken at the first War of the Worlds workshop at the Fairfax Youth Initiative in Swan Hill in 2023

IMAGES: Alysha Hermann

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