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Starlight Hidden Creature Gallery Privacy Policy



Captain Starlight was flying across the universe in their Red Rocket Ship. A group of stars were curious and hopped on the Red Rocket Ship for a ride.

They flew to the Starlight Express Room. When the stars arrived, they were excited by everything the children were doing in the room. They disguised themselves as objects around the room so they could be part of it.



The Universal Ministry of Star Maps noticed that the stars weren’t in their usual place. They need your help to locate them in the room, and find out what they love so much about being in the Starlight Express Room.


Then, they will put the missing stars back on their Star Map.

Starlight Express Room sign featuring a rocket and text "everyone welcome"

Starlight Hidden Creature Gallery is a space where you can search for hidden augmented reality creatures inside the Starlight Express Room, and see them come to life in your smart device. To do this, we created a mobile app that has been developed by Mark Egan at Undersea Creative in partnership with Arena Theatre Company.


To use, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Starlight Hidden Creature Gallery from the app store on your device.

  2. Allow camera access and ensure you have mobile or wifi coverage for the app to work.

  3. Search for markers around the designated area, which are clues as to where the creatures are hidden.

  4. When found, with the Hidden Creature Gallery app open on your phone, point your camera about 1m away from the target and wait for the creature to come to life.

Try it out on these examples below…


Purple and white digital target with a yellow star in the centre
Green and white digital target with a yellow star in the centre
Red and white digital target with a yellow star in the centre



End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy and End User Agreement governs your use of the Hidden Creature Gallery AR application (“Application”). By downloading and using the Application each user consents to the following End User License Agreement.
1.    What data is collected
The Application uses third party software (“Software”) developed by PTC Inc. to enable the augmented reality experience. The following information (collectively “Statistics”)  may be collected and sent by the application to PTC Inc., its affiliates and/or its service providers. 
(i)    Information about the end users’ devices such as:
     a.      Make, model and version of the user’s device
b.      Operating system name and version number of the user’s device
c.      Camera profile version 
(ii)    Information about the Software used to create the Application such as:
a.      Software API version
b.      Software license keys 
(iii)   Information about the Application and its use such as:
a.      Application bundle ID
b.      Application distribution type
c.      Application version
d.      Application store identifier
e.      Initial application session timestamp determined at the first time an app is launched after being installed on a device
f.       Software feature usage events
g.      Start Software timestamp
h.      Camera start time when Software is running
i.       Recognition event type and timestamps
j.       Tracker detection timestamp
(iv)   The IP address used by the end user’s device for the purpose of inferring the country of use (but not the exact location). 
PTC Inc.’s data collection policy can be viewed in full here: 

2.    Consent

i.    each end user consents to the collection, storage, and use by PTC Inc. and its affiliates and service providers of Statistics from the Application and the transfer of Statistics between PTC Inc. and its affiliates and service providers (which may be in the United States or in other countries), in each case for the purposes of 
1.    providing the Software and Services,
2.    facilitating the provision of new products, updates, enhancements and other services,
3.    improving the Software, the Services, and other products, services and technologies, and 
4.    providing new products, services or technologies customers of PTC Inc. or its affiliates; and
ii.    each end-user is advised of the hazards of using a camera-based application while driving, walking, or otherwise by being distracted or disoriented from real world situations.

3. Opting out
Users can opt out of the collection and transfer of all data from the Application by  uninstalling the Hidden Creature Gallery AR application using the standard application uninstall process for your mobile device.

4. Contacting us

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Privacy Policies and End User License Agreement please contact us via…
Email: info[at]
Address: 208 Strickland Road, East Bendigo, Victoria, 3550
Phone: +61 3 5463 5160


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