Our Vision

An Exciting New Chapter Begins for Arena

In early 2018 Arena Theatre Company will be extending our reach into regional Victoria where we will forge a new direction in our creative journey as the first resident theatre company in the Capital Theatre complex in Bendigo – the 2018 Regional Centre for Culture.


Our Vision

Arena Theatre Company is powered by the twin drivers of art and audience: creating inspiring live performance known for genuine engagement with young people aged 5 – 25.

High quality, original, artistically ambitious theatre defines Arena’s success. We believe in theatre’s unique ability to provide a space of reflection, celebration and transformation for young people. We provide a theatrical space to which everyone is invited, on equal terms. Our aim is to speak to young people in languages they understand, in the spaces they occupy, but in ways they never thought possible.

Arena is a national leader, working in a diversity of forms, with Australia’s best artists.

What We Do

Arena presents performances at major arts centres, international festivals, regional arts centres, local festivals and schools. We contribute to international conferences, and arts markets.

Our work is comprised of:


Our Values

Artistic Integrity
Arena believes in the necessity of providing original, high quality theatre to young audiences. We rarely create direct adaptations.  Our work is consistently recognised by industry through nominations for major awards across a range of artistic disciplines.

We do not have a formula for the projects we create. In recent years Arena has produced a large installation with robotics (House of Dreaming), a narrative based play in a sea of foam (Marlin) and an intimate immersive show for 3 people on a small boat (Marlin Expedition). In each of these examples, form follows function.

Young People at the Centre
Young people are at the heart of everything we do.  Arena draws direct inspiration from the forms of creativity that resonate most with young people. All our works involve young people in their creative development.

Today’s digital natives have a complex relationship with ideas of space, shifting almost seamlessly between real and virtual spaces. Arena focuses upon detailed explorations of the spaces young people occupy: real, imagined and conceptual.

Arena Nurtures Artists
Arena supports the best artists from around the country with the best environment in which to do their best work.

Arena holds a unique place in the theatre ecology, in which artists are encouraged and expected to test the boundaries of their skills and craft for an audience that is less bound by expectation. The wider theatrical sector benefits significantly from the skills and artform development that takes place at Arena.