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The House of Dreaming


Immersive Installation


Recommended age 6+

Watch the promo video

Four young children are huddled together in the middle of a living room with lots of soft yellow lights. We can't see their faces.

Staged inside a house, The House of Dreaming is a life‐sized, three-dimensional storybook world of imagination and wonder, inspired by children’s daydreams.

In groups of three, children are invited to enter this incredible interactive playground, where anything within reach can be touched and explored. Littered with the exotic bric-a-brac of its former occupants, the slumbering house dreams wistfully of its past, evoking memories in each room and with each object.

The House of Dreaming comprises of nine interconnected chambers, and its story is told through an innovative combination of robotics, performers, and projections.

The House of Dreaming premiered at the Melbourne Festival in 2012, where it was presented in association with Betty Amsden OAM. It toured to the Perth Festival, Auckland Arts Festival and Brisbane Festival.

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