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Marlin Expedition


Interactive Theatre Experience


Recommended age 7+

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Are you willing to help our fisherman save a marlin?


This is immersive theatre at its most nautical!
You and 2 other shipmates put on your lifejackets and head out to sea to save a marlin that was caught in the nets of a local trawler.  One of you will be on the CB radio to the Coast Guard, one of you will monitor ocean depth, and one of you will monitor the weather station for the storm that is rapidly closing in.  On the way, you will meet the Captain.  There is something odd about him that you just can’t work out.  Heading out to deep water might give you the opportunity to find out what it is?
The Marlin Expedition is an immersive theatre piece set inside the world of Arena Theatre Company’s Helpmann nominated production, Marlin. The play takes place on a small boat that heads out on the water – a most evocative sensory environment for audiences to delve more deeply into the backstory of the stage play’s most enigmatic character – the father who drowned at sea.
This experience is designed as a companion piece to the play, Marlin, but also stands alone.
Marlin Expedition has had seasons on the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers in Melbourne.  The show takes 30 minutes, including safety briefing and lifejacket fitting.   

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