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Digital Theatre


VENUE:         MacGillivray Hall, 132 McCrae Street, Bendigo

DAY/TIME:    Wednesday 4:00pm - 6:00pm

DATES:          14 February - 27 March 2024

COST:           $15 per session ($105 total)

NUMBERS:    Capped at 15

AGES:            14-25 years

What is possible when you combine performance with technololgy?

Since the beginning of the 20th century, advances in technology have been a dynamic and powerful tool in the theatre maker’s arsenal. From illumination, to electricity, sound, and more recently projection and live streaming have been used to enhance live theatre. 


Meet your tutor

Phillip Rouse

Phillip James Rouse has a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Hons.) from Monash and a Grad. Dip in Dramatic Art (Directing), Theatre from NIDA. He is an award winning director, writer and film maker. As a director he has worked with major theatre companies including MTC and STC, and has produced work at some of the most prominent independent theatre venues in Australia and London.

As a playwright Phillip won the Silver Gull award and placed in the top 20 for the Papatango Playwrights Award. As a film maker he has produced three short films which have played at film festivals all over the world. Phillip is the Artistic Director at Don’t Look Away and currently has three feature films in development with production houses in Internal Australia and the UK.

Phillip Rouse headshot.jpeg

In this 7 week course, participants will experiment with ways to digitally adapt and enhance performance, and will practice skills in this growing field. By developing a short work, they will gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges that digital theatre presents to its makers. They will develop technical skills, integrating movement, acting, dance, and music within digital settings.

This art form requires performers and technicians alike to work in perfect harmony, aiding and supporting one another to create a total immersive work.

The course will conclude with a showing of the development work in the form of a live performance for family, friends and program partners. The performance will be recorded and live streamed and - possibly start a new trend on TikTok!

  • Develop, rehearse and present a new, short work of live/digital hybrid theatre

  • Understand the techniques used to create digital theatre

  • Use digital theatre to enhance, augment and subvert story and narrative

  • Integrate dance, acting and audience involvement into a work of theatre

  • Creating and manipulating live projection images

  • Identify issues and propose solutions

  • Work with technical equipment for digital theatre making

  • Work collaboratively, in a small team

  • Connect with local peers with similar interests

  • Meet industry professionals

  • Discuss career opportunities in this field

  • Collaborative communication throughout the design process

Places are limited!

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