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Future Self


Touring Workshop


Recommended age 8+

A young woman with eyes closed and mouth slightly open is mirrored against a hazy purple background.

If you could leave a message for the future, what would you say?
If you could talk to your past, what would you learn?


Future Self reveals stories, memories, and moments of utmost importance to young people and using drone technology, celebrates them on film for the whole school community.

Future Self is inspired by Research that indicates that if our past and future selves were to meet, they would not recognise each other. If we change so drastically over our lifetime, what do we want to hold on to?

Students work with Arena’s artists to explore what are the ideas, beliefs, moments, or values that are important to them in the here and now and which of these do they want to keep for the future. Using new drone technology students work to create a short film and write an original spoken word poem that features their stories.

The drone technology enables a remarkable shift in perspective that translates into the students’ stories. The film is shown for the whole school community at the end of the day with live spoken word voiceover performed by students.

Stunning in its simplicity and ability to value students raw and personal stories, Future Self has been one of Arena’s most successful workshop to date.

Future Self introduces students to new technologies, new modes of performance, promotes creative expression, teamwork and provides a rare opportunity to work alongside professional artists. In creating their film students reflect on their place and values in the community and develop their ambitions for the future.

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