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Schools Residency


Recommended ages 11-16 yrs, or grades 5-11.

Watch the promo video

A large group of primary school children wearing winged paper hats gather on a school oval.

Students and artists undertake a series of workshops over a school term in which they design flying machines, puppets, uncover hidden ‘creatures’ around the school, reflect on what makes them feel like they’re flying and much more.

Arena artists collaborate with students to discover what community means to them, and how their individual stories contribute to a much larger ideal. Together they create an installation that reflects upon their ideas and community.

Flock culminates with a whole school parade, filmed by drone, and a large scale interactive installation for the whole school community. Previous installations have included projects such as a flight simulator, cloud walk, listening nests filled with original student content, digital AI animations and interactive handcrafted birds nests.

Flock is an Arena Theatre Company workshop.

Age range: 11-16 years or grades 5-11.

Participants: All students in grade

Duration: One full day a week for the school term

Arena artists: 5

Curriculum Areas: Technologies – Digital Technologies, The Arts – Media, The Arts – Visual Communication, English, Literacy, Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking Capability

Flock is suitable for all primary and secondary schools. 

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