Trapper Schools Workshop

The Trapper Schools Workshop is a companion piece to Arena’s new performance work Trapper, premiering at Arts Centre Melbourne in August, 2017. In Trapper four performers battle each other inside a series of giant sculptural machines, hoping to discover the proof of free will.

Using slam poetry and demanding physical agility, the performers make their arguments from within the body of the machines – simultaneously asking, "Are we in control or being controlled?"
Trapper investigates the complex relationship humans have with the systems we embrace, inhabit and fight against.

The Trapper Schools Workshop is designed to activate students to explore the same ideas in a workshop context. Students will work with Arena Theatre Company’s artists to explore concepts of autonomy and agency within their own life. They will be encouraged to think about what influences their decision making, considering both conscious and hidden influences.

Students will then divide into two groups. One group will then be guided by Arena’s artists to write their own unique spoken word performance in response to the provocations. The second group will create a sculptural environment that provides opportunities and obstacles for performers to interact with. The workshop culminates with the students spoken word pieces performed inside the sculptural design for the whole school to see.


Workshop Structure

Location: The Trapper Schools Workshop is an incursion. Arena Artists will visit your school to conduct the workshop.

Student Numbers: Arena artists work intensively with a group of up to 25 students across the day with the workshop students performance presented to the whole school at the end of the day.

Age Group: The Trapper Schools Workshop is deisgned for secondary aged students. It is ideal for Years 9 - 12.

Duration: The Trapper Schools Workshop takes place over a school day. A two-hour version is also available.


The Trapper Schools Workshop is available to book throughout 2018. 

If your school is in a regional or rural area please book through Regional Arts Victoria.

Metropolitan schools and any further enquiries please contact 

Curriculum Links

Victorian Curriculum Links: The Arts, English, Technologies, The Humanities – Civics and Citizenship

Capabilities: Personal and Social, Ethical, Critical and Creative Thinking  

VCE: Units 1 – 4 Drama, English, Literature, Theatre Studies, Studio Arts, Philosophy.

Artforms: Drama, Visual Arts, Poetry, Spoken Word

Key Themes: Agency and Identity, Decision making, Systems and Influence

Please note comprehensive Teachers Resources and Curriculm Links will be sent to schools upon booking the workshop.

Creative Development

In 2014 Arena initiated a new schools workshop program with schools in East Gippsland. Our first pilot workshop explored ideas associated with Trapper and formed the basis of the current Trapper Schools Workshop.

Huge thank you to Bairnsdale Secondary College, Swifts Creek P12 College, Cann River P12 College, Mallacoota P12 College and Orbost Secondary College for their help in developing this prgram.