The Sleepover

Going to the theatre is always full of adventure but imagine on one night, if you didn’t have to go home! Over one special night, Arena is having a sleepover.

Come and explore parts of the theatre that nobody ever sees – the dressing rooms, under the stage, mazes of corridors – where you are invited to play and create and at the end of it all you get to sleep on the Playhouse stage!

Now wouldn’t that be an adventure!

Ages 8 - 11

Arts Centre Melbourne

The Sleepover premiered at Arts Centre Melbourne in August 2015 with a SOLD OUT event.

When: Saturday 22 August, 6:30pm to Sunday 23 August, 8am 2015

Tickets: $70

Where: Arts Centre Melbourne - Playhouse

All children must be accompanied by an adult.



Concept by Christian Leavesley and Jolyon James

Devised by Christian Leavesley, Jolyon James, Phillip McInnes, Emily Barrie, Ben Grant and Clare Watson

Designer Emily Barrie

Lighting Designer Paul Lim

Production Manager Jess Keepence

Assistant Stage Manager Julia Truong

Executive Producer Lee Casey

Program Coordinator Alexandra Macalister-Bills

Cast Penelope Bartlau, Ben Grant, Phillip McInnes, Sophie Ross

Filming Chris Gospel, Rhea Famlonga, Lorna Musgrove