The Marlin Expedition

Image Credit: Jolyon James ft. Phillip McInnes

An incredible interactive boating adventure for children and families.

Last night an extraordinary fish was accidently hauled up. Its life can only be saved by returning it to the deep – but our fisherman needs your help!

Join the fisherman’s crew on his mission to save the marlin’s life. As you venture out into the river, marlin in tow, help him navigate with a compass and radio. When a wild storm threatens to approach, it is up to you to guide him through rough seas and high winds. As you work together to save the marlin, the fisherman reveals more of his own stories about life at sea.

Incorporating choose-your-own-adventure, performance and puppetry, cast aside your expectations of a traditional theatre experience and prepare to be immersed inside this evocative adventure story.

The Marlin Expedition is part of a new program from Arena of short, interactive theatre pieces, which can be experienced by themselves or alongside specific mainstage productions. Through inviting children to take up an active imaginative role in the story, we encourage the possibility of insight into particular elements of the associated production.



Previous Seasons

The Marlin Expedition premiered at Arts Centre Melbourne in October 2014 and also visited Footscray Community Arts Centre in November 2014.