When there are questions that grown-ups just can’t answer, it's time to chase the stars.

Catta and Tommy are orphans, left with nothing but questions after their parents die mysteriously on the other side of the world. While Tommy turns to his blanket for comfort, Catta hugs her toy lion and holds in her tears, believing that if she never cries her parents will one day return.

But when Catta makes her thirteenth birthday wish, a new world of hope is born. Toys come to life, beds become spaceships and Catta becomes a starchaser, in search of a dying star that holds the power to bring back her parents.

Enter the fantasy realm of Starchaser, a world with a mythology all its own. Planets of boy pirates and sailors fishing for cosmic eels; Space Hunters and Lion guides; the evil Dratfus with his tear-sucking machine and of course Catta, on the most dangerous quest of all: searching for the truth in the hope it can change the past.

Starchaser will be a fantastic, epic theatre event that takes 8 to 12 year olds through time and space in search of answers to questions that lie deep within their own hearts.

Starchaser was developed with assistance from Playwriting Australia’s National Script Workshop and the Arts Centre’s Sprout initiative. 


Starchaser, by Lally Katz, premiered at Arts Centre Melbourne from 30 May – 2 June.

Creative Team

Writer Lally Katz
Director Christian Leavesley
Designer Jonathon Oxlade
Lighting Designer Richard Vabre
Sound Designer Jethro Woodward
Video Designer Chris More
Production Manager Bianca Eden
Performers Anne-Louise Sarks, Phil McInnes, Jamieson Caldwell, Jessica Clarke.

Paper Play Scape

Create your very own Starchaser set!

In this pack you will find a set of the key characters from Starchaser. You will also find the bed that Catta, the Starchaser, travels on, and the outer-space planets she travels to. You can create your own stories with these characters, taking Catta on adventures through the stars!

This pack has been developed by Arena Theatre Company as an interactive learning resource for children and audience members of Starchaser. It is intended to accompany the Teachers’ Notes developed by Arts Centre Melbourne.



Want to learn more about the creative process behind Starchaser?

We will be releasing a series of interviews with the creative cast and crew of Starchaser over the next six weeks. Suitable for kids and adults, these interviews provide a fun and fascinating insight into the development of Starchaser, and are perfect resources for school teachers.

The first interview is with writer Lally Katz. Lally has worked with Arena on its previous production, Goodbye Vaudeville Charlie Mudd, and was recently nominated for an Instyle magazine award 

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Starchaser has been developed with the assistance of:

The Arts Centre