Skid 180

Performers Rachel Glendevon, Chris Mahoney, Curtis Coles Photo Joel Chester-Fildes

An international collaboration with Manchester’s Contact, SKID 180 is a fast-paced journey following a group of urban bmx riders into the chaotic and fractured world of Manchester’s underground bmx scene. Featuring a stunning projected design and a set constructed of ramps, multiple screens and filmic image, SKID 180 integrates live bmx, film, animation, poetry and sound.


Writer Louise Wallwein
Director Rosemary Myers
Staging Concept Pete Brundle, Graham Clayton-Chance, Rosemary Myers
Video Design Peter Brundle, Graham Clayton-Chance
Stage & Costume Design Vanessa Hawkins
Lighting Design Mark Distin
Sound Design Hugh Covill
Choreography Luke George
Cast Curtis Coles, John Deprielle, Rachel Glendevon, Chris Mahoney
Production Manager Richard Dinnen

Past Seasons

Drama Theatre – Sydney Opera House, Arena Theatre Company and Contact Theatre (9 – 19 August)
Melbourne ArtsHouse – North Melbourne Town Hall, Arena Theatre Company and Contact Theatre (27 July – 5 August)
Manchester (UK) Contact Theatre, Arena Theatre Company and Contact Theatre (28 April – 13 May) world premiere