Robot Song

ROBOT SONG - World Premiere Bendigo 2018

When it comes to friends, Juniper has no idea what all the fuss is about. In fact when classmates tease her for being like a robot she takes it as a compliment. Through the unconventional eyes of a child on the Autism Spectrum, Robot Song takes the audience on an incredible ride of personal discovery.

Robot Song introduces us to Juniper, a smart 11-year-old whose world is turned upside down when the arm of a giant robot appears on her doorstep and takes her on an unexpected journey to find the rest of its body. Surprised by the robot’s revelation that it has only ever wanted to sing, Juniper learns flexibility and unexpected outcomes are sometimes exactly what you need.

Robot Song is drawn from writer director Jolyon James' experience raising a child on the Autism Spectrum. In celebrating Juniper’s unique way of interpreting the world Robot Song provides a window for all young people to recognise and embrace the differences within themselves and others. 

Using live animation, animatronics and with original music Robot Song will be an incredible new work for ages 8 - 12.


World Premiere

Robot Song will be Arena's first work to premiere in our new home - Bendigo!


Wednesday 11 July, 11am

Thursday 12 July, 11am

Friday 13 July, 11am

Saturday 14 July, 11am

Tuesday 17 July, 1.30pm and 4pm

Wednesday 18 July, 11.30am 

Thursday 19 July, 10.30am

Where: The Engine Room, View St, Bendigo VIC

Tickets: $16 + BF 


Robot Song will tour regional Victoria in 2019 with support from Regional Arts Victoria.

Creative Development

Robot Song underwent script development in March and a design development in November 2017. Arena would like to thank Musical Director and Composer Nate Gilkes, Script Advisor Ant Crowley, Performers Ashlea Pyke and Phillip McInnes as well as Interns Sarah Branton and Grace Ulrich for all of their incredible work.

Further development of Robot Song is scheduled for March 2018 ahead of the WORLD PREMIERE in Bendigo in 2018. 

Live Animation Workshop

In 2016 Arena piloted the use of live animation software Adobe Character Animate for live performance through our ensemble Work Experience Program and our East Gippsland Schools Workshop Program.

Robot Song will see Arena integrate this new technology into live performance with digital characters able to move and respond in real time to our audience.

Robot Song will also include a permanent online component with Juniper May's YouTube Channel 'Orbiting Juniper' available for the audience to access at anytime.


Writer/Director Jolyon James

Musical Director/ Composer Nathan Gilkes

Assistant Director Sarah Branton

Dramaturgy  Christian Leavesley

Script Adviser Anthony Crowley

Cast Ashlea Pyke (Juniper May), Phillip McInnes (Juniper's Father)

Internships Grace Ulrich

Presenting & Touring Opportunities

To discuss presenting and touring opportunities for Robot Song please contact Executive Producer Sharon Custers: