Point of View

Point of View

An interactive roving art project Point of View captures stories and histories from the point of view of different members of the school community of St Anthony of Padua Primary School.

Arena artists worked with students from Prep to Grade 6, parents, teachers and members of the community across a full term to capture memories and tales from the different perspectives on the school. Arena then worked to map these stories into a roving art installation.

The audience uses iPads and Augmented Reality technology to trigger digital stories in the form of animation, videos, interviews and soundscapes specific to locations around the school.

Making their way around the school parents, students and teachers are able to see all of the incredible stories and artworks that the community has created with Arena.

Arena would like to say thank you to the St Anthony's school community and artists Sarah Kriegler, Rob Jordan and Isobel Knowles for working with Arena on Point of View.

Point of View took place during Term 2 2015 at St Anthony's of Padua Primary School, Melton South as part of Creative Victoria's Extended Schools Residency Program.


Extended School Residencies is an Australia Council and Creative Victoria funded program which;