Mr Freezy

Performers Hamish Fletcher, Tamara Rewse and Sam Routledge Photo Jeff Busby

The power of steel. The soul of a scoop. The heart of a hero.

An ice-cream van comes alive as everything in it transforms in a wild and epic story...

Scoopy is an ice-cream scoop who can’t stand the cold or the brain freezes that come with his job. When his home is endangered, he is called on a quest to distant and dangerous lands.  On his travels, Scoopy encounters a world of robo-chickens, milkshake speedway racers and monstrous food processing machines.

With all the characters created out of real food, utensils and packaging, Mr Freezy blends incredible puppetry with an extraordinary set design and original music. The show is a celebration of imaginative play and an exploration of bravery, loss and belonging. Playing with food has never been so exciting!

Mr Freezy is an Arena Theatre Company production, created in collaboration with Men of Steel.


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Created by Hamish Fletcher, Chris Kohn, Tamara Rewse and Sam Routledge
Director Chris Kohn
Performers Phil McInnes, Tamara Rewse, Sam Routledge, Hamish Fletcher (2008)
Designer Jonathan Oxlade
Composer Kelly Ryall
Dramaturge Julianne O’Brien
Sound Operator / Musician Declan Kelly, Kelly Ryall (2008, 2009, IPAY 2010)
Production Manager Rebecca Moore, Emily O’Brien (IPAY 2010)

Past Seasons


Sydney: Wharf2, Sydney Theatre Company (24 June - 11 July)
Parramatta: Lennox Theatre, Paramatta Riverside Theatres (21 - 22 June)
Melbourne: Fairfax Studio, The Arts Centre (28 April - 1 May)
Pittsburgh (USA): August Wilson Center, International Performing Arts for Youth: IPAY (21 January)


Adelaide: Space Theatre, Windmill Performing Arts (27 - 31 October)


Melbourne: ArtPlay, City of Melbourne (1 - 7 October) world premiere



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