Image Credit: Jolyon James

Flock is about community. A celebration of those tiny voices and individual stories that, when combined, become so powerful they take off!

Students and artists undertake a series of workshops in which they design flying machines, suits and puppets, uncover hidden 'feathers' around the school, reflect on what makes them feel like they're flying and much more.

FLOCK 2018

In Term 4 of 2018, Arena is undertaking another Flock residency at Brookside College in Caroline Springs. 

Over nine weeks, our artists will collaborate with the students to discover what community means to them, and how their individual stories contribute to a much larger ideal. 


Lead Artist: Jolyon James

Workshop Artist: Mark Egan

Workshop Artist: Jessica Rizzi

Dramaturg: Christian Leavesley

FLOCK 2017

Over Term 3 and 4 Arena artists were in residence at St Anthony's of Padua Primary School in Melton South. Arena artists worked with students, staff and community to respond to ideas of 'flock'.

Flock culminated with both a whole school parade, filmed by drone, and a large scale interactive installation for the whole school community. The installation included a flight simulator, cloud walk, listening nests filled with original student content and flying shadow puppetry.

Arena was thrilled with the response from students and teachers alike and would like to thank St Anthony's of Padua for hosting us throughout FlockFlock is Arena's second partnership with St Anthony's. In 2015 Arena created Point of View with the school community.

Flock will continue in 2018 with a further creative schools residency.



Lead Artist Jolyon James

Workshop Artist Jacob Williams

Workshop Artist Yvette Turnbull

Workshop Artist Ego

Project Coordinator & Workshop Artist Alexandra Macalister-Bills

Dramaturg Christian Leavesley

Additional Artists: Phillip McInnes and Theresa O'Connor

Intern: Grace Ulrich

Arena artists hosted an entire school parade featuring six large parade birds, puppetted by Grade 6 students. The event was filmed by drone and a film created using original student stories.

Video Production: Phil McInnes

Text Editing: Alexandra Macalister-Bills

Graphic Design: Jolyon James

Parade Coordination: Jacob Williams

Project Partners

Arena gratefully acknowledges the support of Crown Resorts Foundation and Packer Family Foundation towards our schools residency program Flock.