Image Credit: Jolyon James

Flock is about community. A celebration of those tiny voices and individual stories that, when combined, become so powerful they take off!

Over Term 3 and 4 Arena artists will be in residence at St Anthony's of Padua Primary School in Melton South. Arena artists will work with students, staff and community to respond to ideas of 'Flock'.

Together artists and students will build miniature flying machines, and imagine their own journeys of flight. Students will work with artists to create 'feathers' which may take the form of stories, drawings, letters, photos and more. Artists will then work to combine 'feathers', machines and stories in the construction of large scale fantastical flying machines. Flock will culminate in an airborne performance for the whole school community.

Flock will continue in 2018 with a further two creative schools residencies.



Lead Artist Jolyon James

Workshop Artist Jacob Williams

Workshop Artist Yvette Turnbull

Dramaturg Christian Leavesley

Project Coordinator Alexandra Macalister-Bills