Image - Video still by Singing Bowl Media

Build a three dimensional world inspired by sound. Build an Ear-o-polis.

The Ear-o-polis Workshop is an innovative interactive theatre and sculptural experience for primary school students. With the help of new wireless technology, participants will create their own strange and surprising worlds in which everyday objects emit a range of bizarre and unearthly sounds. Shoes growl, hats sing, balls squeal with laughter.

Working in teams, participants will create unique soundscapes and musical compositions by recording or choosing sounds, assigning them to specially chosen objects and moving these objects through space. Students will then create short improvised scenes with the objects, using their new sound-making properties. Participants will come together at the end of the workshop to perform their scene and share their discoveries. By imbuing everyday objects with sound-making qualities, Ear-o-Polis Workshops “make strange” the familiar and foster storytelling and creative play. 

For ages 4-12.

Past workshops

The House of Dreaming, Perth Festival 2013

Regional Arts Victoria 2012

Roola Boola Children's Arts Festival 2012


Chris Kohn, Christian Leavesley, Martyn Coutts, Danielle Brustman & Jethro Woodward