Work Experience

Work Experience 2018

Secondary Students

Arena is currently working to redevelop our Ensemble Work Experience program for our new home at The Engine Room in Bendigo. At this stage Arena will take 2018 to settle into our new home and open a new Bendigo-based program in 2019.

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Tertiary Students

Arena will continue to offer internship placements to tertiary students in 2018 both in Melbourne and Bendigo. Tertiary students will be accepted during rehearsal and creative development of productions. Students are encouraged to contact Arena if they are interested in experience, however it should be noted placements are limited.

Tertiary students are expected to have quite a hands on role in arts administration and/or production. We welcome tertiary students wanting to use their experience at Arena for practical assignments, internships or case studies. Arena operates at a fast pace, so we like people to be able to take initiative and think on their feet.

Tertiray students wanting more information should contact for details.