Slide Night

Slide Night 2015: Wearable Technology

Arena Theatre Company will present their third Slide Night as part of its ongoing the conversation about innovation, technology and the arts. 

What is the future of wearable technology?

Hear expert Thuong Hoang talk about the latest applications of wearable technology, and how it could transform contemporary theatre practice.

Thuong is currently a Research Fellow at the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces, at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

His research expertise is in augmented reality, wearable computer, and human computer interactions. He has built wearable computers and glove based input devices. His current research explores wearable technologies for education and healthcare applications.

His personal interests is in circus and performance arts. He trains at NICA, completing short courses in aerial silk, contortion, and tumbling. 


Slide Night will be hosted at the Arena Studio - 130 Dryburgh St North Melbourne 3051 

Thursday October 22 2015

5pm - 6pm

This is a FREE event.

Bookings not required.


Slide Night is presented in partnership with Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Past Slide Nights

Slide Night 2014: Animating the Inanimate


What does the future of augmented reality look like? Arena Theatre Company has invited Gorkem Acaroglu & Jonathan Keyse, experts in the creative use of robotics and augmented reality respectively, to discuss recent innovations in animating innanimate objects.

SPEAKER 1: Gorkem Acaroglu

Gorkem is a theatre maker, most passionate about making work that tests the borders of traditional form and content. She is Creative Director of The 24 Hour Experience - a living documentary journey through the hidden perspectives of a place. Gorkem is currently completing her PhD at Deakin University examining the capacity for technological actors to perform competently with human actors on stage. She was a major part of the 2012-13 Australia Council Initiative - The Mixed Reality Performance Laboratory Project - exploring the use of interactive technologies in dramatic theatre. Gorkem will discuss her ongoing interest in the capacity of digital technologies to perform alongside live actors.

SPEAKER 2: Jonathan Keyse

Jonathan is lead producer of Augmented Reality (AR) projects for One Fat Sheep, a digital solutions agency that mixes strategy, creativity and technology to create world leading digital experiences. Jonathan lives somewhere in between the real and the virtual and looks forward to presenting how the latest AR technologies can be used to create amazing experiences.


Slide Night 2014: Animating the inanimate was hosted at the Arena Studio on October 29 2014 and was presented in partnership with Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Slide Night 2013: Theatre and Physics of the Future

The inaugural Slide Night, Theatre and Physics of the Future, featured two experts in lighting and science.

John Ford, Director of Relume Consulting, discussed what the future might hold for the lighting industry. To paraphrase an old saying, Light ain’t light; Tungsten globes, Fluro energy savers, or miniature LEDs all create very different kinds of light and feelings in the spaces they illuminate. What kind of equipment will we be using to light our artworks into the future? Are there new opportunities in development? What might change when technologies become obsolete?

Bio-technoprogressive Adam Ford is the organiser of the Singularity Summit conferences in Australia (2010, 2011, 2012), as well as the H+ Summit @Melbourne (2011, 2012). He discussed how advances in physics have lead to the technology of human augmentation. The future for humanity looks profoundly trans-human. The rapid pace of emerging technologies is playing an increasingly important role in continuing to overcome fundamental human limitations. What kinds of technological change can we expect?  There has been heated rhetoric surrounding issues of human enhancement - Can we improve the likelihood of positive change when change terrifies half our fellow citizens? Will these ideas fundamentally change the way artists interpret the human condition? 


Event information

Slide Night was held on October 29 at Arena Theatre Company - for photos visit ourfacebook page.

This event was part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2013, proudly presented by the City of Melbourne. For more information


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The intention of Slide Night is to relate advances in other industries to new possibilities for the theatre industry. One of the key reflections from Arena's Artistic Director Christian Leavesley was:

"I wondered what we’re not ‘sensing’ by being so attuned to the visual sense, and whether I need to re-calibrate the balance of my senses in trying to understand more of the world around me."

To read further reflections click here.